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Cadets prepare for first voyages

​A batch of Northern Marine Marine engineering cadets have recently undergone training to prepare them for duties on board oil, gas and chemical tankers.

Thirteen Northern Marine cadets attended the three day Basic Training for Oil, Chemical and Gas Tanker Cargo Operations course at NMMS Training centre in Glasgow ahead of their first postings to vessels within the fleet.

All Northern Marine cadets, both Deck and Engineering, must successfully complete the course before being posted.

NMMS Training Officer Colin McKay educated the cadets during the three day course.

He said: "This is the most recent STCW training required for all entrants who are going to work on oil tankers, gas tankers or chemical carriers.

"We are creating well-rounded cadets who have a good overview of the various types of tankers and carriers and importantly we are making sure all our cadets get the same high standard of training across our fleet.

"The emphasis is on safety. The training gives them the dos and don'ts, which creates the building blocks for future training. If they become more specialised or increase in rank these building blocks are added to and they then do the advanced course."

Awaiting their first official postings, the cadets are looking forward to using their recent classroom learning during practical on-board activities.

Engineering Cadet Craig Hooker, 24, is soon to be posted to a Northern Marine managed oil tanker.

During a break from the class Craig said: "I picked this career because I always wanted to do engineering and I am excited that I have options to work on various types of vessels.

"At the moment we are learning how gases expand and how temperature effects cargo operations.

"We have also covered oil and the important industry regulations involved in its transportation.

"I'm excited about my first posting, which will be on an oil tanker. There is a little bit of natural apprehension but our training will hopefully kick in when I am on-board and I can assist the crew as best I can."


Craig pictured front row, third from right.  

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