Cadets readied for shore to ship transition

10th Aug 2018

Human interaction and onboard communications were key topics of learning during a 3-day Cadet training event in Mumbai.

A new intake of Asia-region cadets attended the Soft Skills Training and Communication seminar between 31st of July and 2nd of August, ahead of their first voyages on NMM managed vessels.

Sumit Trikha, Marine Resource Manager, NMM India, said: “The objective of the soft skills training was to acquaint the newly inducted cadets into the functioning of human aspects on board the ship thus helping them to make a smooth shore to ship transition.

“This involved gaining insights into their personal attributes and the way they interacted with others.

“They were appraised of their modes of communication, and how to differentiate between different forms of communication.

“Cadets were also introduced to emotional management and to handle emotions in themselves and others, to understand the nuances of being a good team player and handle stress and conflict.”

Learning to appreciate and adapt to intergenerational differences and onboard diversity was also discussed in the training.

Sessions were interactive and combined presentations, discussions and activities.

On the final day of the event, Douglas Cowden, NMM Director of Ship Management, Anwar Modak, Fleet Safety Specialist and Sumit interacted with cadets at a Communications seminar, discussing topics which included a Company introduction, safety expectations and Company policies.

Cadet Training sessions take place in various recruiting regions which also include the United Kingdom and Russia.

During the same week of the Cadet training, senior officers also converged on the city to attend the fifth Safety Week event of the year.

Attendees participated in a range of seminars covering various safety-related themes, including the Company’s commitment to the ‘Shell – Maritime Partner in Safety’ initiative.


Notes: Northern Marine Management India is a subsidiary of Northern Marine Manning Services.

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