Crew performs landmark China operation

14th Aug 2018

The Northern Marine-managed Stena Blue Sky has made history by delivering the commissioning cargo to the first privately-owned LNG terminal in China.

Chinese energy giant, ENN Energy invited the LNG Carrier to become the first vessel to unload at the new Xin’ao Terminal in Zhoushan, Ninbo region on 8th August 2018.

The major ceremonial operation attracted television news coverage in China with ENN owner Yusuo Wang and ENN senior management attending the vessel on the day.

Capt Marko Skoric, and the rest of the crew were also joined by Stena representative Helen Huang, Austen Maritime Services Shanghai, General Manager, as well as a host of other Chinese dignitaries and terminal representatives.

Following the event, Capt Skoric said: "Being ‘first in China’ is a very rare title and we are all proud we participated in such an event.

“We were gassing up, cooling down and eventually un-loading the cargo to them.

“Each one of the operations was distinct as each piece of terminal equipment was being operationally used for the first time. It took resourcefulness, patience and a problem-solving attitude to overcome the bumps along the way but we got there eventually.”

The significance of the operation became apparent to Marko and the Crew upon arrival.

He added: “The arrival to Zhoushan was an indication of how high profile the port call was.

“We were met by 5 tugs, 1 navy vessel and 2 coast guard vessels. The ceremony was extended throughout the stay as the visitors kept coming.

“We were told that the ship`s arrival was featured on TV news and in newspapers in the region. An LNG carrier with a dragon on its side is hard to resist. The dragon has been always appreciated in Chinese culture, and a lot of visitors commented exactly that.”

As well as experiencing the pomp of the event, the vessel also underwent a PSC inspection while at the terminal, receiving zero observations.

Marko said that the vessel’s crew and officers showed the highest level of professionalism throughout, adding: “I am truly lucky to be working with such able crew, officers and on such a great ship.

“A big part of this successful story is also our Technical superintendent Thomas Hale, Marine Superintendent Alexander Mills and rest of the onshore management Fleet Group, who provided continuous support and guidance before and during port call.”

The vessel was also supported during its stay in China with service provision from Northern Marine Group subsidiary Austen Maritime Services.