Crewing specialists attend Global Seminar

21st Nov 2019

Crewing professionals from around the world converged on Clydebank, Glasgow this week for a Northern Marine Manning Services Crew Manager Seminar.

Held in Northern Marine head office on Wednesday 20th, the event welcomed crewing colleagues from offices in India, Russia, Singapore, Netherlands, Philippines and United Kingdom to listen to presentations from stakeholders, explore mutual objectives and work together in a collaborative setting.

Each attendee has responsibilities within crewing departments, providing services to thousands of seafarers and onshore Technical Management.

Opening the event, Dhan Swadi, Personnel Director told attendees: “Thank you all for attending - there is excellent representation today from our global network of offices.

“This is your day – an opportunity to ask each other questions, learn more about operations here in head office and talk openly about all objectives, issues and challenges that we collectively all work on.

“Our aim is quality and consistent service delivery to our clients. In the crewing business, protecting the trust we have built with our seafarers and business clients is crucial.

“Our Company’s good reputation has been achieved by working with and supporting quality professionals, and it is up to us all to retain and build on that reputation. We must always be aware that without hard work and vigilance it can change in an instant.

“Today you will hear feedback from clients in Technical Management and seafarers in the fleet, which is a great opportunity to understand their current thoughts on the services and have a two-way discussion.

“At Northern Marine Manning Services, we invest in your development and the development of our seafarers. We are very proud to bring our seafarers through from Cadet to Captain or Chief Engineer, and you all play a vital role in that journey.”

During the seminar attendees were split into groups to collaborate on service focus areas and give suggestions for possible improvement.

The presentations by Fleet Managers within operations and Seafarers from the tanker fleet gave honest feedback on Crewing services and were well appreciated by all involved.

At the conclusion of the seminar, Manila-based Capt Ian Diwa received a special award for his 23 years of ongoing crewing support to Northern Marine.

Capt Diwa said: “Thank you – I am very grateful to be here, and to be a part of Northern Marine is an honour.

“The seminar has given us an opportunity to assimilate the valuable inputs coming from all speakers where we all share a common goal to give full satisfaction to the client.”


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