LPG Tanker crew perform second lifesaving rescue

6th Apr 2021

The crew of the Northern Marine managed LPG tanker ‘Albert’ have been commended for performing their second sea rescue operation within 12 months.

On the morning of 30th March, 6 nautical miles off the coast of Honduras, Captain Kostyantyn Yeremenko spotted three fishermen on a small vessel signalling for help.

Upon reaching the vessel, the crew took action to assist.

Capt. Yeremenko said: “In order not to lose the boat in choppy seas, I decided to bring it alongside. The deck crew led by the Bosun prepared heaving lines and ropes to secure their boat.”

It transpired the fishermen had been drifting further out to sea for two days having run out of fuel.

Great care was taken to provide the men with sustenance before the Honduras coast guard were able to take them back to the coast.

Capt. Yeremenko stated: “It was obvious that the men in the boat were exhausted and desperate. Their cell phones had run out of charge and there was no chance they could return ashore on oars. The weather conditions and relatively strong currents had been acting against the boat pushing it further away from the coast. The crew supported the men, providing them with reassurance and much needed food and water.” 

The rescue followed a similar incident led by Capt. Yeremenko on the Albert in July 2020, in the Gulf of Mexico.

On that occasion a fishing boat also containing three distressed crew was spotted drifting 7nm off Tuxpan.

Reaching the vessel, the crew cared for the men before Mexican authorities were able to assist and bring them ashore.

Summarising both recues, Capt. Yeremenko said: “The bottom line is simple, it was proper watchkeeping and good team-work that helped save the lives of 6 people.”

Sean McCormack, Ship Management Director, Northern Marine, praised the crew of the Albert for their actions.

He said: “On behalf of Northern Marine, I would like to thank Captain Yeremenko and the crew for their commendable seamanship in what is now their second recent rescue. Their consummate professionalism in aiding those in danger is a credit to themselves and to the Company.”