Second Engineer wins industry award

15th Oct 2019

Second Engineer Sherrain Dominguez has been named as ‘MARINA Outstanding Woman of the Year’ at a shipping industry event in the Philippines.

Sherrain was recognised by her national Maritime Industry Authority earlier this year for showing ‘outstanding dedication, exceptional talent and contributing in a positive way, not just to the maritime industry, but to the greater community.’

Unable to attend the awards ceremony, Sherrain’s mother Angela collected the award on her daughter’s behalf.

Sherrain said: “I was onboard when I heard about the award. It was my mother who represented me on the stage. She said to me: ‘I am so Proud of you, the whole family is so proud of you’ - It was a tears of joy for me, because it is my dream that my country will recognise the effort of a woman in the maritime industry despite the odds and challenges they are encountering in the male-dominated world.”

Sherrain joined Northern Marine in 2005 as a Cadet and has since worked her way up to the rank of Second Engineer during trips on a variety of vessel-types, including oil/chemical tankers and LPG carriers.

Sherrain added: “My whole family in the Philippines, UK and the Northern Marine family are my guiding force. They have served as my spare battery especially when I’m low and about to give up. Their love, support and advice are more than enough for me to stand up when I feel down.”

Sherrain keenly promotes the maritime profession to women interested in the career.

She added: “For all the young women who want to enter seafaring, don’t be afraid to take the challenge, you will not know at the back of the door if you don’t have the courage to open it. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream. Go and conquer the seven seas.”