Seafarers gather for regional crew seminars

25th May 2022

Seafarers from the Northern Marine fleet of managed vessels converged on two onshore remote crew seminars recently, the first in-person events of their type since the beginning of the pandemic.

Rijeka, Croatia and Jurmala, Latvia hosted the two events with over 120 officers meeting with management and other onshore specialists for a range of presentations, discussions, training, and socialising.

A positive atmosphere was felt at both events as crew members met colleagues whom they had not seen in person for – in some cases – several years.

Sean McCormack, Ship Management Director, attended both events and informed attendees of the recent Company developments, including the range of newbuild vessels coming into management in 2022 and beyond.

Reflecting on the seminars, Sean said: “It was very rewarding to be able to meet our seafaring colleagues in-person and en masse once again following a forced postponement of our remote crew seminars in recent times.

“Meeting our seafarers face to face, either onboard, in the office, or in a remote onshore environment that is conducive with learning and healthy discussion, is critical to maintaining a positive and healthy working relationship.

“Listening to their considered opinions and their own personal experiences in open forums such as these allows us to better ensure optimum onboard operations and healthy working environments.”

HSEQ updates, performance and development and industry inspection processes all featured in the seminar discussions and training.

Various internal Company awards were distributed at the events including long service awards.

James Carroll, Senior Crew Co-ordinator added: “As well as providing valuable feedback, the seafarers also benefitted from the intimate training seminars that ensure clearer and more expansive communication of Company expectations and standards.

“Many thanks to all attendees who participated in both seminars, and we look forward to further upcoming sessions in other locations.”

Northern Marine will host further regional remote crew seminars in the coming months as well as seminars in its UK head office.