Trinidad and Tobago cadet partnership launched

13th Feb 2023

Northern Marine, as ship management and marine services provider for the joint venture Proman Stena Bulk, has expanded its international cadet pool with future officers from Trinidad and Tobago now receiving practical training onboard state of the art managed newbuild methanol tankers.

The new training partnership with client Proman has seen 4 cadets from the twin-island Caribbean nation enrolled in the programme thus far, with another 8 soon to join as the methanol tanker fleet grows.

In December, Proman Stena Bulk announced the delivery of Stena Prosperous, the 4th methanol-fuelled tanker in the joint venture, following Stena Promise, Stena Pro Marine and Stena Pro Patria, with a further 2 vessels due for delivery by 2024.

Proman is the leading petrochemical company in Trinidad and Tobago and is committed to creating opportunities to develop young people’s skills and expand the nation’s marine industry expertise onshore and offshore. 

With onboard mentorship being provided by Northern Marine’s experienced officers, tertiary level formal accreditation from the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and shoreside support from Clyde Marine Training, the cadets are receiving a well-rounded start to their careers.

Deck Cadet Jared Odain-Samaroo, who describes himself as adventurous, caring and free-spirited, said: "My experience on board thus far has created a stronger connection between the theoretical knowledge I gained at the University and practical insight on how to carry out type-specific tasks on board tanker vessels.”

Students graduating from their respective programmes at the University of Trinidad and Tobago will also obtain a professional Certificate of Competency issued by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency – United Kingdom, enabling them to seek full time employment onboard vessels as a Deck Officer both in the Caribbean and internationally.

Deck Cadet Dylan Williams was already working with a company that specialised in providing energy services to the oil and gas sector when he decided to transition to a career in the maritime field via the UTT programme.

He said: "I have always been interested in the maritime sector from a young age and loved working to support the energy industry.

“This programme provided a perfect fit for me to contribute further to the sector's development.

“I consider this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be aligned with a company that is helping the environment while being on board a vessel that is utilising a cleaner fuel such as methanol.

"The training and experience on board are excellent. I am gaining much insight and knowledge from the officers and crew. One in particular from India is sharing some valuable lessons that I will take with me long after this training.”

Northern Marine’s international cadet pool spans 9 nations and offers the opportunity to earn sea going experience onboard vessels managed by Northern Marine Management.

In 2022, a partnership was also formed with the South African Maritime Training Academy (SAMTRA) in Cape Town to recruit officers and cadets from South Africa onboard Northern Marine’s managed vessels, with 12 cadets enrolled to date.

Both South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago cadet programmes complement long-standing Northern Marine cadet programmes in Europe and Asia.

Northern Marine Group subsidiary Clyde Marine Training is the largest maritime training provider in the UK, providing Cadet Management and Training Management Services to the industry.