International Crewing Seminar

8th Dec 2022

Northern Marine hosted an international Crewing seminar in its head office recently, inviting colleagues from across the Group’s global office network.

Crewing operatives from the UK, India, Latvia, Croatia, Philippines, South Africa and Singapore converged on Glasgow where they participated in hugely productive workshops and team building activities.

Several presentations were delivered from other departments in Northern Marine including Technical Management, further enhancing partnerships and awareness within the Ship Management service function.
The seminar marked the first of its type to take place in person since the beginning of the pandemic.

Seafarers from the Northern Marine managed fleet of vessels gave valuable feedback on Crewing operations to the gathered group, which provided further insight into the value and importance of ensuring colleagues at sea continue to receive a quality service. 

Reflecting on the event, Barrie Finlayson, Head of Crewing said: “It was wonderful to welcome colleagues working in senior crewing roles across our international crewing network.

“The presentations received from other departments in the Group were hugely valuable and highlighted many fantastic projects taking place across our diverse group of companies.

“Most of the people in attendance are managers or leaders in their respective crewing hubs, and everyone shared the opinion that it is vital the messages received and themes discussed at the seminar do not end at the event but are shared and followed up throughout all offices. 

“Our primary clients are our colleagues at sea who rely on us to ensure they are in place to carry out their important roles onboard and then get home to their families on time; this binds all of us in Crewing together and is something we never forget. 

“A huge thank you to all who attended, and while communications will continue on a daily basis as always, we look forward to the next in-person crewing seminar.”