India Crew Seminar

27th Sep 2022

Safety, leadership, and the growing onshore and offshore career opportunities within the Northern Marine Group were key topics covered at a recent crew seminar in Goa.

The India crew seminar welcomed onshore management and 70 officers of various senior ranks to the beachside ITC Grand Goa hotel resort to work, learn and socialize together. 

The agenda covered Company operations, the latest safety initiatives, compliance standards and the Company career paths open to seafarers serving in the Northern Marine fleet of managed vessels. 

With the growth of the Group’s services such as the addition of a Marine Quality Assurance business, and the variety of newbuild vessels coming into the Fleet, officers have several avenues to change or advance their careers. 

Ashutosh Kumar, 3rd Engineer said: “The seminar covered all aspects of safety, leadership, communication, and future career progression. 

“It gave valuable insights, data, and statistics of various aspects of shipping. 

“The session on career progression was motivating as it gave a clear path and understanding.

“It was quite exciting to know Northern Marine is expanding its business in different areas such as offshore and marine consultancy, which opens doors to various shore opportunities.”

Captain Neeaj Kumar Taneja added: “I found the seminar very insightful, inspiring, interactive, and so helpful to understand the Company's core strength and vision for achieving high level of industry standards. 

“All topics were relevant to the best industry practices; presentations were interesting and incident learnings kept us all engaged. 

“It felt so good to meet up with the Company's representatives and fellow seafarers in person. 

“I strongly believe that everyone has taken away some good action plans and I think it would be a good idea to continue to update seafarers through these informative seminars.”

The seminar followed similar seminars in Croatia and Latvia earlier this year and precedes a UK seminar scheduled for later in 2022. 

Joanne Howard, Crew Manager, Northern Marine Manning Services said: “It was a pleasure to welcome our Indian seafaring colleagues to Goa for our 2022 India crew seminar. 

“This was a welcome return to face-to-face seminars in the region after 3 years, allowing the opportunity to build greater relationships with our colleagues at sea. 
“It was great to see all attendees engage in the interactive sessions and be available in person for open forum and further discussions.”

Rahul Lopes, Head of Crewing, Northern Marine Management India added: “The attending officers were really happy to be face to face after a pandemic-enforced 3-year break and they appreciated the venue. 

“The interactions were frank and honest and resulted in some very informative learnings. 

“Overall, the event was a very productive engagement with colleagues and also offered a relaxed and rejuvenating occasion together.”